Bonhoeffer Day – 3 February 2018 – Programme

“To jam a spoke in the wheel – dem Rad in die Speichen fallen”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Centre London
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church
50 Dacres Road
SE23 2NR

When in April 1933, Hitler implemented the infamous Aryan paragraph that expelled Jews from any public position, thus starting the witch hunt against “unwelcome” people in Nazi society, Dietrich Bonhoeffer completed his essay “The church and the Jewish question”. There he argued, if the state cannot maintain law and order or even violates it, then the church must take righteous actions in three consecutive steps: i) question the state and make it accountable; ii) help the state’s victims and if necessary, iii) “jam a spoke in the wheel” to stop unlawful and rogue activities.

Join us as we explore the significance of Bonhoeffer’s proposal and its relevance for today.


13.30 – Welcome (Frank Hirth)

13.35 – Dr Jacob Philips (St Mary’s University Twickenham): Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Order of Society

14.15 – Dr. Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho (King’s College London): Updating Bonhoeffer’s Ethics in a world of exclusion

14.55 – Music: Ensemble Émigré (1)

15.10 – Coffee Break

16.00 – Dr. Eleanor McLaughlin (University of Oxford): Truth and communicating the truth: Bonhoeffer’s fiction from Tegel prison

16.40 – Dr. Joshua T. Searle, Spurgeon’s College The relevance of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prophetic mandate in today’s post-truth world

17.20 – Music: Ensemble Émigré (2)

18.00 – Dinner


About Dirk vom Lehn

I am a Reader in Organisational Sociology at King’s Business School (King’s College London). My research is primarily concerned with people’s experience of exhibits and exhibitions in museums, with occupational practice of optometrists and with people learning to dance. It draws on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (EMCA) as well as on recent developments in the analysis of video-recordings. At KCL I am teaching courses on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The courses primarily explore the interweaving of technology with the organisation of market interaction.
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